Swan Queen Fanfiction


I made my account yayy. I’ll be puting up some drabbles and probably the beginning of a longer story today.

Feel free to send an ask with  storyline or a prompt you want to see written (Has to be something Swan Queen ofcour) c:

  • *Emma comes down at midnight to find Regina in the kitchen*
  • Emma: What are you doing?
  • Regina *blushing*: Nothing.
  • Emma: You're looking for them again aren't you?
  • Regina: No
  • Emma: I told you not until Saturday.
  • Regina: It's midnight so it is Saturday.
  • Emma: Wait until midday.
  • Regina: But I'm up now.
  • Emma: You're not having your Easter Egg early.
  • Regina: But I love you.
  • Emma: I love you too but it's tradition. You can wait until Saturday like Henry.
  • Regina: I still don't understand this Easter thing.
  • Emma: You get an Easter Egg tomorrow. For tonight you can come up to bed and snuggle with your Easter bunny.
Swan queen

Hey, just a question… would you read a sq fanfic written by a dutch girl who hasn’t really writte anything before? I mean, my english is okay but i don’t really have a big vocabulary :p welll… just reblog or like this if you’d read it if you’d like the storyline (which i don’t know yet haha).

Reading SQ fics

I was reading a really cute and funny Swan Queen fanfiction while sitting next to my mother and i had like a big smile on my face al the time and she asked what was so funny hahaha.

Couldn’t quite explain that oneee.. (she doesn’t know i ship it, she doesn’t even know i like girls hahaha)

But hey, i just wanted to say thank you to the swens for writing so amazingly!! c:

Swan Queen endgame

So.. if the writers are scared of making Swan Queen canon because of the reactions/ratings, they can still go for a SQ endgame. Like… in the last few episodes, when they don’t have anything to lose anymore?

I just need some canon sq moments pls haha c:

Swan Queen hope

Heyy people, i’ve got a feeling that they’re maybe making captain swan and outlaw queen canon now, and i got sad about thaf vut then i was thinking.. if they really have a 4th season and they make cs and oq canon now, they won’t be together all season right?? So maybe they’ll fight and break up and then Swan Queen will have a chance again!

So even if sq doesn’t get canon this season, we shouldn’t stop believing right? c:





In support of first kiss theory, same earrings and blouse :D as promo for 3x18 (US)

Notice this kiss seems to be different than what happens in the last episode

No no no no pls don’t be true :c
The Swens are so hapoy right now after the past episode and i really had hope for a swan queen endgame but if she kisses robin hood thats just… not cool

Ouat s4?

Does anyone know if there is gonna be a season 4 for once upon a time?? Message me if you think you know hahah

Swan Queen video makers? :P

Heyy, can somebody PLEASE make a vid on one of these two songs?? I think they’re amazing and they make me think of Swan Queen everytime i hear them. 

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9I-9Sj4sKs (Imaginary - Brennan heart & Jonathan mendelsohn)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-M1AtrxztU (Rather be - clean bandit & jess glynne

If you have done of of these or if you’re going to do soon please message me haha c: