TheFosters on deviantART

Hey everyone!

I just made a new group on deviantART.

It’s all about the TV Series the fosters, so if you watch it and have a deviantART account, maybe you could join? c:

My new video is up!

It’s a sad multifandom.

I’d love some comments! c:

Swan Queen vid!

I know i’ve already promoted this before but i just wanted to tell you guys that if this video gets 200 views, 10 thumbs up and at least 3 comments i will put up a new multifandom video!

My new Swan Queen video!
comments (And if you like it, thumbs up) would be awesome!

Messing around with the screen captions of my new sims! ♥

Almost 700 vieuws in 2 days! Thank you all so much for watching c:

For people who haven’t: it’s a video about lesbian couples and some femslash from tv :p

I’d like some more comments tho, to see how you all think of it hahah.